An Introduction

If I were in the second grade, I would probably write about the 5 Ws, and that would be it. Fortunately, I am not in the second grade. If I were in the sixth grade, I would probably throw in a how. But, fortunately, I am not in the sixth grade. If I had finally migrated into high school, I would write a x-y number of word essay, which no one would read, thus failing the assignment. And I don’t fail.

By now you’ve done one of two things: (1) clicked away from the site; who needs you anyway? Or (2) kept reading, but are now wondering where this is leading. Thankfully you have stayed. It means a lot. While you’re here, why don’t you subscribe to our RSS, email (see sidebar), or Twitter. I promise you, we have a load of great content lined up.

Like what, you ask. Well, I’ve split the posts into 6 categories. Basix, TechSavvy, Tutorial, Meta and Noticeboard. There’s a link to each section in the left sidebar. In the right sidebar of most pages, you will also find a list of tags building up. These are Habits of Minds, we’ll get to them later in the week.

All well and good, but who are you, and why are you doing this? Well, my name’s Katie Walker, and I’m an Australian high school student. I have a number of irrelevant hobbies and leisurely activities. I’m also not your average teenager. I have a bit of a confession for you. I love learning. It’s a big part of me, and definitely something that will come out in my writing. If you’re reading this blog, it’s pretty safe to assume you do too. Although you like learning, you may not be a perfect student. And I’m cool with that. I don’t have a problem with ignorance, unless it is caused by arrogance.

So, why am I doing this. I want to share how I study with the rest of the world, you know, give something back. Knowledge is power, but you have to be able to learn effectively. There is also the attempt at self-improvement. I am usually an extremely anti-social person, and I don’t often help people. This is a flaw I am trying to work on, and blogging seemed like a positive step forward. So here I am.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my blog, and that you learn something.



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About Katie Walker

Hey, I'm a student. I'm into web development, so currently I'm working on my blog, a few Tumblr themes, and a few web apps for various purposes. It's exciting stuff.

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