NoticeBoard 22 December

Idea Generation, via WorkAwesome

As students, we are forever sitting in front of a blank screen, or staring at a blank piece of paper. These blocks are annoying, and can cause some serious problems (like not having anything to hand up). Thankfully, WorkAwesome has some solutions.

Textbooks are expensive, and, if your school doesn’t loan them to you, can take up a lot of room when you’re done with them. LifeHacker offers some ways for protecting your books, and then selling them for the best price.

This article may be a bit old, but it is one of those timeless posts (at least for a year or two (: ). I don’t know about you, but I have loads of bits and pieces that I really don’t want to keep lugging around everywhere, but I might need them, so I do anyway. In comes the cloud, or if you’re old-fashioned, your desktop. While it may seem like a scary, mythical place, you will come to love the cloud. By the way, if you’re going into the cloud, you’ll want a decent internet connection.

Students are notoriously unorganized. However, you don’t have to be. Here are just three of the infinite tips you could follow to become more organized.

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