BASIX: This section is designed for the study newbie. Sure, you’ve been at school for years, but that doesn’t mean you’ve been doing it properly. Get up to scratch here.

At most schools, attendance is not only compulsory, but vital to success in your subjects. When I say most schools, I am taking into account those universities in which lectures and assignments are posted online for students perusal. Lets forget about them, they are non-existent in this conversation. Today, we are going to look at the reasons for skipping class, and ways to counteract this behavior.

The Causes

The reasons for not turning up to class are as varied as the offenders’ fingerprints. For some, it’s the simple, I can’t be bothered/ school is boring. You may be wondering why I am grouping these two together. Well, for starters, I think they are pathetic excuses for not going to school. This is in combination with the attitude that they both express. I am an extremely lazy person. I can’t be bothered going to school, and I can’t be bothered putting in the effort to find some enjoyable. Once combined with a poor perception of school, this is an extremely difficult mindset to come out of.

There are also many students who are required elsewhere. It could be that they are a carer for their parents, or siblings. It might be that they are the primary guardian of younger brother’s and sisters, and need to work. Their family may also be experiencing financial difficulties, and need to work to help with expenses. There are many legitimate reasons for not going to school, and often students are too ashamed to tell their school of these situations.

Another reason for not turning up to school is the difficulties faced there. Students who are bullied, or feel like they do not fit in at a school will not feel any motivation to turn up to school. They also change schools frequently, because they think they will not have the same problems elsewhere. Less academically minded students, who struggle with school, don’t attend because they find it demeaning, or just plain too difficult.

The Solutions

But this post isn’t just about identifying your reasons for ditching school. It’s also about working through your solutions. Although each of your reasons are different, there are a few common solutions I wish to share with you. The first is the reward method, which is probably more suited to the first cause of non-attendance, discussed above. The second is compromise with the school, related to the second explanation. The final solution requires having a conversation with your school, and actually working through your problems, connected with the final reason for skipping school.

The first solution is the reward method. This works well if your parents, or guardian, or even school, gets in on the act. It involves, you guessed it, being rewarded for attendance at school. Depending on your current rate, this could occur for every day, then every week, then every month, that you turn up to school everyday, unless you have a reasonable excuse, this excuse being ill or other grave circumstances. The reward can be something superficial, such as a new piece of clothing, or something you would have ordinarily bought yourself. The other option is being rewarded with a course which you find appealing. This would also help with your attitude toward learning. Often students who find school boring find vocational courses more engaging, so look into this.

If you’re having trouble attending school because of commitments to other people, you really need to talk to your school. They can arrange for a different schedule, where you have a lighter workload, or allow you to work with teachers outside of school hours. If your issue is financial, why not see if there are some incentives for studying at school. In South Australia, there is an assistance program for those over 16, who study full-time instead of working. Alternatively, you could look into vocational programs as an apprentice, assuming you are paid. This way, you can often complete high school, while earning an income.

The final solution is a lot more emotion-based than the previous two. If you are uncomfortable with your school environment, your support staff are there to change that. School counselors, principals and other staff can provide you with methods to cope, act on bullying, and make school a more enjoyable aspect of your life. If they are unable, or unwilling to change, you may have to think about changing schools. But be careful in, this is a major decision. Look at the school’s principles, policies, campus, and see if you can talk to existing students.

To Conclude

There are many reasons for not attending school, just as there are many ways to counteract this behavior. I encourage you to look at the reasons why you aren’t turning up, and see which ways you can change. I hope you can find peace at your school, and learn to enjoy study. Let me know what you think. Have you found other ways to get over ditching schools, or do you know of any other reasons. Please share in the comments.



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