iOS Apps: Best? of the Rest

Over the last few weeks, we’ve discussed three apps for the iPhone/ iPod touch. Of course, these are only the tip of the iceberg. So today, we’re going to look at the ones that didn’t make it, and towards the end, I’ll tell you which one I think is the best.


MyHomework is a cut above the rest of the free apps, in my opinion. Although it only supports weekly timetables, rendering it useless for many students, it does its job, with a cute interface. It uses notepaper, sticky notes, and a great page flipping transition.


iHomework might as well have a million and one features. Just read their iTunes page. As much as I would love to use this app on a regular basis, there is no way to see my timetable for the entire day, or week, unlike other apps. However, if this isn’t a problem for you, I highly recommend buying it ($1.99US).

My Timetable

Other than it’s simple yet colorful interface, My Timetable is set apart by its multiple timetable functionality. Are you taking courses outside of school, or really heavy in the extra-curricular area? Try MySchedule (99c)

School Timetable

This app’s claim to superiority seems to lay in its appearance and theme creator. But I wouldn’t say this is something to be proud of. It doesn’t boast any features to stand out from the crowd. I wouldn’t use this application, let alone pay for it.

School Book

Like School Timetable, School Book sports a terrible user interface and dreadful feature set. Fortunately for the developers, this was exactly what they were aiming for. As there is no support for assignments, you will also need to find an app for that.

You’ve seen some great, and you’ve seen some awful apps. However, you will only need to use one. For this, I recommend iStudiez Pro. Despite it’s US$1.99 price tag, I have found no other app to compare to its flexibility and usability. You probably disagree, people usually do with me. So let me know in the comments. Do you use one that hasn’t even made it on the list?


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