Dress to Impress

BASIX: This section is designed for the study newbie. Sure, you’ve been at school for years, but that doesn’t mean you’ve been doing it properly. Get up to scratch here.

You probably have your own style, but as a student, there are certain unwritten rules you should follow. Teachers have an expectation of what their prize students will look like. This may not be ‘right’, or ethical, but the student who is wearing neat clothes will generally receive more leniency at the start of the relationship than the one with the mini-skirt and sleeveless t-shirt. It is all about the impression you set when you walk through that door. You will also be set for the future, where you will be required to dress neatly for people to take you seriously. These sort of clothes are usually more comfortable as the day goes on, as well.

If your school requires a uniform, you’re in luck when it comes to the clothing department. However, not all students wear the school uniform neatly. Simple things like pulling your tie up to your neck, buttoning the shirt properly, and wearing your skirt or dress at the appropriate length, and tucking in your shirt can greatly improve your appearance.

A bit more effort is required if your school doesn’t have a uniform. Usually, you don’t need to wear dress clothes, so jeans should do the job. But steer clear of daggy pairs, you know the ones with the tears, faded colours and ripped bottoms. Tanktops, singlets, short-shorts, mini-skirts and anything too low-cut are also on the bad list. Try button-up shirts, but nothing too formal, or a plain t-shirt. There is a lot more room for experimentation if you’re a girl. I really don’t have any experience here, but anything that isn’t too offensive, and doesn’t show anything that ought to be covered up should be all right. The most important thing is to have the balance between formal and casual.


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3 responses to “Dress to Impress”

  1. admissions360 says :

    Nice post Katie. I agree that this is something that is so important. It is particularly smart to start getting this sense of semi-professional style BEFORE you are doing internships/etc.

    Plus, I really think professors/teachers appreciate it and that it shows respect when you make an effort.

  2. SP says :

    HI WALKER!!!!!
    THIS IS……

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