Noticeboard 26 Jan

Welcome to another week of Noticeboard. This week we have some tips for communication, waking up and researching.

How to Start Your Morning, and Set up the Day for Success

Dumb Little Man has some really helpful tips, some of which you may have heard before, but more than likely you will find something to improve your start to the day.

5 Things to Practice for Effective Communication Skills

You have to talk to a lot of different people at school, including your classmates, and teachers. Doing this effectively will not only help you at school, but in the workforce as well.

10 Things to Check When Reading for Research Purposes

Not only is providing wrong information embarrassing, it can also affect your grade. Don’t let it happen to you, and read this post from the University Blog.

Fix Your Sleep Cycle for a Smooth Semester

We all know the drill. Stay up really late at night(or early in the morning?), then sleep till at least midday, during your break. Then, when school goes back, try in vain to get more sleep, and fail miserably. Hack College has some tips for fixing this problem.


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