How do you Organise?

Normally, today we’d post in the Meta category, but I’ve been busily preparing for the new school year (Down Under, we start next week). While I could lie and tell you that it got me thinking as to how you organise yourself, I think honesty is the best policy. I forgot to write the post.

So we’ll catch up next week. But for now, why don’t you tell me how you organise yourself, not just for school, but life in general.

I use Dropbox and Evernote to keep everything organised and in one (multiple?) place, iStudiez Pro to keep my schedule in order, and a physical folder for each subject with note-intensive classes also having a notebook.

What about you? Any tips for the rest of the world?


About Katie Walker

Hey, I'm a student. I'm into web development, so currently I'm working on my blog, a few Tumblr themes, and a few web apps for various purposes. It's exciting stuff.

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