Brainstorming: Charts and Diagrams

In the final post of this series on brainstorming, I thought we’d go outside to written world, and into the land of boxes, colors, and stats. If you’re a visual learner, you might find that writing down your ideas is too difficult, or that it doesn’t come naturally. Fortunately, brainstorming isn’t limited to the written word.

This is the final post in series about Brainstorming. This series includes the following:

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Charts and diagrams are extremely useful tools for presenting information, not only to other people, but yourself. Not only is expressing yourself in the written word sometimes hard, it leaves room for ambiguity. Charts can solve this problem, by presenting information in a way that can be understood regardless of the viewer’s language, or origin.

You may be thinking now that charts and diagrams would be great for brainstorming in a collaboration. And you’re right. Drawing a diagram is simple, and anyone can do it, so next time you have a group project, why not suggest you brainstorm using them?

Brainstorming using charts, diagrams and graphs can suit a multitude of tasks. And often seeing a set of stats can give you new ideas. So even if you use a combination of the tools we have set out in this series, I am confident you will find a use for charts in your next brainstorm.

What do you think? Are you a visual learner, or do you prefer words? Or are you something else entirely? What about kinesthetic or audio? Let us know how you fit your learning style into your brainstorming.


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