My Thoughts on Success

Success. It’s supposed to be a big thing, isn’t it? But is it really? I mean, how many people are successful in a lot of people’s eyes? And I mean, a lot. A handful. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Rupert Murdoch, Nelson Mandela. You might have heard about them. But does that mean that no one else is successful? The immigrant who now owns a small-business, do a lot of people know about him? Does that mean he isn’t successful?

So if you think you’re successful, you are? But, in this sense, what does that really mean? Is it doing something you love, is it being able to survive when no one said you would, is it having money, or is it something else entirely. For starters, it’s intangible. You can’t grab hold of success with two hands. I think being successful is achieving something, anything, that pushes you to the limits. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you truly work hard for it.

Of course, to be truly successful, you shouldn’t worry about being successful. In fact, most successes of really successful people are a surprise to them. You can’t tell me that Nelson Mandela doesn’t think everyday, wow, what have I done? To be successful at something, you shouldn’t need to have the reward of being labelled a success. Success comes from within.

If being successful means not worrying about success, then success shouldn’t hamper your efforts. Those five people I mentioned, they’re all successful, sure, but have they stopped? Have they said, this is enough for me? No! Then why should you? Push yourself, challenge yourself, and success is just around the corner.

And sometimes, success doesn’t come at the end of something, in fact, it’s just the beginning. I have an example, for a change. I play soccer, a lot, and recently, I was invited to attend some trials, conducted by NSR which were looking for players to represent. Their agency promotes players from around the world in a number of sports to USA College coaches.

My hard work at the trials, and in the years leading up to the trials that I had been playing soccer led me to be selected for the next part of the process: an interview. Because, shockingly enough, colleges don’t just want athletes, they wanted to know more about me, and my grades. So, my commitment to school over the last however-many years meant that I was chosen to be part of the program.

When I was training, doing homework, and studying, not once did I think, I’m going to get a college scholarship out of this. But I did think many times, I’m going to be in a representative team because of this effort. And that didn’t happen. So stop worrying about goals that you might have, and start enjoying the things that you do, because you’ll be successful, without even knowing it. And who needs a big ego, anyway?

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