I’m back…again

It’s been a while again. I’m sorry about that. However, I’m serious this time, because I’ve realised how helpful it’s been for me, and as long as it’s helping one person, I have a duty to keep going. Not to mention, I’ve averaged around 12 views per day since I last posted. For a blog that was averaging 14 at its peak, and was inactive, I was pretty amazed. Hopefully, with some fresh content, that will increase in the next few months. In what seems to have become a tradition, I’ve updated the theme, and rewritten the about page. Also new this time, a Facebook page. So for those of you who aren’t particularly Twitter people, you can get in touch there. All right then, I hope to see you around sometime. Don’t forget to drop us a line through the Contact page, Twitter, Facebook, or the comments section, I’d be glad to help.


About Katie Walker

Hey, I'm a student. I'm into web development, so currently I'm working on my blog, a few Tumblr themes, and a few web apps for various purposes. It's exciting stuff.

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