Current Pre-Test Studying Schedules

[Saturday 30 July]

Introduction to Business

I had some homework to do, which involved answering a few questions, and taking notes on the handouts to consolidate my learning. It wasn’t particularly challenging, but I did have some ideas for a post. Stay tuned.

[Monday 1 August]

Models of Growth

We had a lesson today, we were started a ‘Directed Investigation’, which is pretty much a comparatively massive problem which they don’t teach you how to solve, they teach you concepts that will help. Also, the test was postponed because of various school events, so I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated about revision. However, the Directed Investigation does cover some of the topics covered in the test, so it’s kinda revision :).

Introduction to Business

Was flicking through the booklet, and reached the revision section, where it suggested making a mind map of the terms and concepts covered in the topic, which I think I might do. It somewhat reminds me of this approach, in particular read The Strategy of Rapid Learners. This is something I think I already tend to do, although with a topic I’m pretty unfamiliar with, I’d like to concrete my understanding of the topic. The list also provided me with a useful list of terms for flashcards, which I’m meaning to get around to. Also on my to-do list, revisit notes, and take notes on sections I haven’t already done so.

[Tuesday 2 August]

Introduction to Business

Took a look at StudyBlue, decided it was worth the effort, so I hooked it up with Evernote for ease of access. Then I realised it didn’t have two-way sync, you can only grab stuff from Evernote. Ah well, I prefer the interface of StudyBlue anyway. So, I procrastinated for a bit. Then I wrote notes from the booklet into a new note, so when I’ve done that, I’ll probably create flashcards from there, and the list I mentioned yesterday.

Models of Growth

Started planning a summary sheet, or a cheat sheet. I don’t often use these extensively during the test, but it’s good practice for Year 12, where you actually need it. They’re also helpful for exam revision. I’m not too good at getting the right amount on, so I’m going to use StudyBlue to see what needs to go on there, and work onwards.


[Saturday 6 August]


Just kept plugging away at the keyboard, typing in notes. I’m actually a little bit bored with it, because it’s a pain in the rear-end to type in all these problems for Maths, and the Business stuff is just plain boring. Here’s an excerpt:

business fulfil the following purposes

  • agents for the redistribution of wealth through providing employment and creating wealth for others so
  • converting inputs into outputs
  • providing means by which people with available resources are put in touch with those who need them
they contribute to quality of life, wealth creation, employment
they are active in
  • facilitating trade
  • providing opportunities for investment
  • assisting in the redistribution of wealth
  • creating employment
  • acting as an intermediary between the supplier and the consumer
  • providing opportunity for innovation, and ideas
I know, it’s complicated stuff. Anyway, I’m not feeling a great need to study for that test, but I know I should, so I keep going. Tomorrow, I’m planning on doing a summary sheet for Maths, and then completing the practice test with it, so I know which bits need fixing. That’s the plan, anyway, we’ll see whether it actually gets done.

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