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One Month Birthday Wrap-Up and a Freebie

It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since our first official post. I’ve had a great time writing these posts, and seeing the page views rise. It’s more than I could ever have expected, and I owe it to you, the readers.

Overall, we’ve had a whopping 256 page views, and already this month, there’s been a 400% increase in traffic, compared to December. Our busiest day was yesterday, with a surprising 37 views.

Our most popular pages/posts have been

It’s also great to see that while the home pages had 118 views, posts and pages accounted for the other 133. That means that visitors are either clicking on links on the home page, which is great, or they are being led to other pages on the site, which is also great.

The most used tags were

  • technology, with 7 posts
  • organization, with 7 posts
  • tools, with 6 posts,
  • iOS, with 5 posts
  • app, with 3 posts

While we’re here, I wanted to let you know where I want to go with this blog. For starters, I want to take it off the hosted platform, and move it to my own domain. This means I will have more control over the site, and it will be a lot more customized, while still maintaining a secure platform through which to post. Unfortunately, that is unlikely to happen until at least mid-way through the year. I will also be releasing an app, which you can read more about here. Towards the end of the year, I hope to release a free eBook about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

I also want to reassure you about my financial motives concerning Awesome Study. I do not hope to make any money, at this point in time, blogging. All the eBooks, apps, and anything else I release as part of this blog will be FREE. While I am on the platform, I will also not be showing ads, though this is not a decision I have made. When I do transfer to, I may be displaying ads, but I promise that these will be screened by me, and I want show any that I don’t think are quality-goods, or relevant.

Knowledge and Control of Process CoverBut now onto why you’re really reading this post. I have a freebie, to celebrate our one-month birthday, and as a  thing I will be doing on the 20th of each month. This month, I’ve prepared a report about knowledge of control and process. Knowledge and control of process is essentially evaluation of a task at different stages of said task. I hope it will be useful to you, not only at school, but in other aspects of your life. You can download it here. Don’t worry, I hate evil people, this download doesn’t have any viruses or spyware, or anything like that.

Thanks again for supporting Awesome Study. I’m looking forward to another successful month.



Celebratory Freebie

We officially launch tomorrow, so to celebrate, AwesomeStudy is, that is, I am, releasing a PowerPoint Template, called Flying High. I wanted to do something really fun, and cheerful, so this definitely isn’t a template for your history presentation. But we all have those really cheerful teachers that will mark you high as long as you present with a smile on your face. This is for those occasions.

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